Pophen thermosetting polyphenylene plate

POPHEN is a kind of new peak child foaming material, which can not only meet the needs of saving energy, but also can prevent the fire from occurring.Its unique composite micro structure, successfully solved the thermal insulation materials in the fire prevention, thermal insulation, strength, density, water absorption and many other performance indicators of the difficulty of comprehensive balance. Pophen fully meet the needs of building energy conservation---low thermal conductivity, low density, low water absorption, high long-term stability. It can be widely used in building insulation( Thin plastering system -- body insulation board , Color steel plate sandwich panel ,Roof panel and many other fields ) Pophen fully meet the requirements of fire safety for building insulation,Nonflammable material evenly, flue gas volume, no melting and dripping, no smoldering continued burning, smoke toxicity, composite steel, aluminum, stone and other inorganic materials,To prevent the spread of fire can be up to 120 minutes.

Test Center:

Pophen strictly controls the quality of the whole production process ,established the domestic advanced level of product performance testing center, we have advanced equipment and scientific testing methods, to ensure that thhe content of high-tech products and superior performance.

Pophen Thermosetting modified polyphenylene plate

Pophen Thermosetting modified polyphenylene plate is a new type of organic heat preservation material,used of “ polymer honeycomb structure isolation warehouse technology”,make the polymer closed cell foam ball materials and fireproof isolation layer have the same common,the characteristics of them mutual fusion,and then through the foam molding, cutting and other processes.

Polymer honeycomb structure isolation warehouse technology

Using new composite technology in closed cell foamed polymer beads as separate layer of hot, through the change of polymer thermosetting resins act as a continuous cellular network isolation storehouse,which has unique structure of homogeneous material, has low thermal conductivity, resistance to water vapor permeability and physical stability and other characteristics.Polymer closed cell foam ball unit contains a lot of obturator cavity, and has good performance of heat insulation and heat preservation and thermal conductivity of low and stable.

Schematic diagram of the formation of polymer network

Pophen board technical parameter table
Product features and advantages
Good thermal insulation performance

Thermal conductivity=0.33W/(m.K), In addition to hard foam polyurethane, the heat transfer coefficient of other materials is better than other materials, which belongs to the high efficiency and energy saving heat insulating material, and is suitable for the cold area. Under the same conditions of energy-saving requirements, according to the thermal calculation, Pophen than EPS reduce 18%,than rock wool reduce 20% than the inorganic thermal insulation mortar reduce 53%, saving material consumption, to avoid the building volume rate of unnecessary, therefore it is more economic.

At the same time, the thermal conductivity of Pophen board is stable and the heat preservation effect is lasting. In the long term, it means that the owner can save more energy cost.

Under the same conditions of energy saving requirements, according to the thermal calculation,
Pophen 5mm board =40mm foamed polystyrene board =200mm aerated concrete =620mm solid clay


Equivalent most advanced fire protection

Pophen thermosetting modified polyphenylene plate using the isolated polymer honeycomb structure warehouse technology, meet the flame to form a continuous fire retardant honeycomb structure, blocking flame propagation,to achieve the "non burning" of the fire effect, through large-scale simulation of fire tests, compared with the traditional organic thermal insulation materials, is the best fire performance, equivalent to the most advanced fire organic heat preservation of new materials, the use of the whole process without a fire hazard.

Low water absorption

Low water absorption, only 2%, compared with other insulation materials, is the best waterproof performance of insulation materials, insulation effect is lasting, safe and stable, long service life of the system

Natural enemies of thermal insulation material is water. After the material absorbs water, the heat preservation performance drops along with it,even lost,such as rock wool board, at low temperatures, especially in cold area.Inhalation of water is easy to freeze and expand, to destroy the structure of thermal insulation material, resulting in loss of risk, the water in the heat preservation material is constantly frozen, the freezing and thawing cycles of the vapor, the decomposition of the thermal insulation material and the bonding mortar, and the service life of the system is reduced.

High strength and toughness, easy to bond

The tensile strength of 0.28Mpa, compared with other thermal insulation materials, is the highest tensile strength of the insulation material, can be used in the external walls and roofing, and there is no risk of falling.

Compression strength is 0.20Mpa, in the best balance of hardness and flexibility, is an excellent resistance to tensile strength and excellent flexibility of thermal insulation materials.It can effectively resist the tension and shearing force caused by negative pressure or the heavy facing layer, and provide special reliable support and impact resistance to the external wall decoration.

The Pophen board and the adhesive mortar has good bonding properties, the bond strength of the system can reach more than 2.0MPa.

Strong weather resistance

Building exterior wall thermal insulation material, long-term withstand the natural freezing and thawing cycle, with the passage of time, the physical properties of thermal insulation materials gradually decreased, energy saving effect is reduced. Therefore, the thermal insulation system under different climatic conditions, the overall stability, fire resistance and other abilities to adapt to changes in the external environment ,is a very important index to measure the quality of thermal insulation system.

Light weight and dimensional stability

Apparent density during 35kg/ m3 to 50kg/ m3, its light weight can help to reduce the building load, improve the safety of adhesive.The system is stable in size and can not be affected by the temperature change of the climate, and the system is superior to other heat insulating materials.Avoid system facing cracks, affecting the appearance

Strong anti deformation ability.In the process of construction and use, in the high temperature and other external forces, will not be turned into a warp, ensure the stability and durability of the paving and leveling system.

Pophen Combustion test
Torch burning test

At 1300 centigrade, the material is not burned.No melt dripping phenomenon, the back of the board basically can not feel the temperature change,flame retardant shell carbide layer formed on the surface of honeycomb, prevent the spread of flame and heat conduction, will not cause combustion.

Burn 3 minutes   After 5 minutes of combustion, the surface of the plate is formed on the surface of the carbonization layer.
Corner burning test
Burning 15 minutes
After 30 minutes of combustion, the surface of the plate is formed on the surface of the carbonization layer.
Construction site combustion test
Welding spark

Insulation construction and welding operation, construction site accidents.Welding spark will not ignite the thermosetting modified polyphenylene plate (Pophen plate), to eliminate fire hazards in the construction process


There are many workers and a lot of materials in Construction site , and lower safety consciousness, throw cigarette butts everywhere around the construction site, resulting in construction site accidents.

The application of Pophen plate thin plastering system

Application of Pophen board in the insulation system of thin film inside and outside wall.Bonding mortar for the Pophen paste board is arranged at the outer side of the base wall, equipped with special anchor, and in Pophen board surface plastering mortar composite fiberglass mesh cloth, anti cracking protective layer and the facing layer construction, constitute a complete Pophen plastered system.

System advantage

Particularly suitable for renovation and maintenance works, in the construction of the normal use of the premise, can improve the thermal insulation performance of buildings,so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving

High bond strength of Pophen board and special anchoring parts has strong resistance to drawing and bending strength,be able to resist the tension caused by the negative pressure or the heavy facing layer.

Its bibulous rate rate is very low,Will not affect the insulation effect by absorb moisture, the dew in outside wall surface, effectively prevent the inner wall surface of winter dew,to prevent wall been corrosion or mildew.


Pophen plates thin plaster system

1-The basic level 2-Bonding mortar 3-Pophen board 4-Glass fiber network cloth 5-Plaster mortar 6-Finish coating 7-Anchoring parts

Pophen board system performance index

The application of the integrated board in the system

Pophen board is made of medium and high density inorganic resin as substrate, The surface is treated with special technology, and the factory is covered with decorative coating,and combined with the Pophen board to become the external wall thermal insulation decoration board.As a new type of composite building materials, the advantages of Pophen board and decorative board to achieve the perfect combination, set insulation, fire protection, waterproof and decoration as one of the green environmental protection and energy saving building materials.

System advantage

With aluminum plate, curtain wall has the same decorative effect, and also has the advantages of energy saving and decorative function.

Paste + description of the construction process, the installation is fast and simple.

Don't need to install keel frame, installed the auxiliary cost savings of nearly 50 percent, to shorten construction period, reasonable control of the construction cost, is the ideal high standard building facades insulation decoration system.

Turn the site operations into the factory assembly line operations, more stable and reliable quality, thermal insulation decorative board can be arbitrarily cut, installation is more efficient and reasonable.



The construction process of Pophen plate thin plastering system

Application of Pophen board

Pophen board which both with fireproof and insulation performance is used as the core material of sandwich panels, in the fire rating, insulation performance, light, durability and shows superior performance, is a few can meet the requirements in the field of industrial organic heat preservation material.

Pophen color steel sandwich board
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Building partition wall Steel structure wall Cold storage insulation wall